A day of global conversation... A morning of TEDx presentations by marvelous women from Bainbridge Island and an afternoon of TEDxWomen livestreamed from the Paley Center in New York. TEDxElliottBayWomen will be held at the beautiful brand new Bainbridge Island Museum of Art Auditorium, 100 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island WA 98110.

For more information see TEDxElliottBay Women's event page on TED.com (#6410) or our FB event page


9:00 coffee and sign in.

9:30-10:45 TEDx introduction and Bainbridge Island guests Jen Lasher-Breen, "Thumbs Up!" teen improv troupe extraordinaire, and Kimberly Beyer-Nelson.

11-12:30 TEDxWomen Session 4, The Mirror
The space between what we see and what is true

intermission with complimentary lunch buffet.

1:15-2:30 TEDxWomen Session 5, Endings and Beginnings
The space between disruption and moving on


3:15-4:45 TEDxWomen Session 6, THE RISING
It is the space between seeing and doing; between knowing and responding; between staying in the dark and seeking the light. Eve Ensler, Tony award-winning playwright, author of The Vagina Monologues, Emotional Creature, the secret life of girls around the world, and many other books and plays, and founder of VDAY, a movement to end violence against women and girls, is the guest curator for this session.

She describes the session this way: I am thinking about Leonard Cohen’s line “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

When I think of space, I think of cracks. I think of light and wind. When I think of wind, I think of change. When I think of change, I think of rising. This session is a call to light, a call to wind, a call to rising. It is a rising that comes through the interplay of words, song, humor, images, and the body. It is a rising that comes…

When a visionary and brave chief prosecutor determines to enforce laws that protect women all over the world.

When a poet speaks uncomfortable truths in irresistible incantations.

When a photographer documents the sexual identity of those forced to the margins and sets them free.

When a comedian finds funny in the face of madness and power.

When a singer belts out an anthem and we Dance and Rise because we must, because we can.

This session brings together a singer, a comedian, a prosecutor, a photographer, and a poet, all of whom are calling up another way of being and seeing, all of whom are part of One Billion Rising, a global campaign that will be revealed at the end of the session and the conference with a call to participate: to RISE and DANCE and SING and SHIFT A GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS.